Residence permit in the European Union

Residence permit in the European Union

Residence permit in the European Union
for you and your family

Business immigration is a possibility of legal moving to Europe in order to launch a business. It is also one of the most common ways to obtain a residence permit in Europe for citizens of other countries. In Slovenia, the procedure of business immigration covers registering a legal entity, investing or observing other conditions for vigorous activity, as well as obtaining a residence permit in Slovenia, which is at the same time a permit for working with your own company. A businessman who has received a residence permit for the purpose of commercial activity has the right to a subsequent family reunion, local benefits and privileges, a request for permanent residence and subsequent citizenship. That is such person receives almost all the benefits of a European resident.

Depending on the businessman’s country of citizenship, the conditions for staying in Slovenia and obtaining a residence permit may differ. Thus, for EU citizens, compliance with the conditions for vigorous activity performed by the company is not obligatory. Tell us about your tasks, and we will help you fulfil them in Slovenia.

Since 2015, 2TM has been working with business immigration issues and provides full support about moving to Slovenia.

A residence permit gives
you and your family the right to:

Live in the European Union

Move freely within
the Schengen countries

Receive quality medical services
for the whole family under
the compulsory insurance program

After 5 years of residence,
obtain permanent residence status, and after 10 years –

Receive social support
from the state

Receive a prestigious education
in the EU countries

Business Immigration Packages
for Non-EU Citizens

“Standard Package”


Includes company registration + residence permit for the main applicant.

“Family Package”

€4,000 +

The base price remains the same — Standard Package.
The final cost of the package depends on the number of your family members. We will help you decide on the choice of the residence permit basis for each family member and advise which path will be most appropriate and fastest for you. When choosing the residence permit basis for each family member, the total cost of services for the whole family is taken into account.

Available Services:

Family Reunion

Suitable for a spouse and minor children if the move is not urgent and family members can wait until the principal applicant completes his/her first 2 years of living in Slovenia.
Important! When both parents move at once, their children have the right to the early reunion.
€700 per person
Residence Permit for Employment Purposes

If your spouse has a higher national diploma, then he/she has the right to be employed with your company as a specialist on the basis of such diploma.
In this case, the principal applicant does not need to wait for 2 years of residence in Slovenia.
Residence Permit for Schoolchildren

Children over 6 years old are required to attend school in Slovenia. We will enrol your children in school according to their age and required grade. We will help you receive a residence permit based for the purpose of education.
For children of school age, there is no need to wait for 2 years of residence in Slovenia for the principal (first) applicant.
€460 per child
Residence Permit for Upper-formers

According to the Slovenian education system, all children after the 9th grade change school for a gymnasium or choose a specialization to continue their education in a secondary vocational school. We will help you choose an educational institution in Slovenia according to your age and assist in receiving a residence permit for the purpose of education.
Optional Package
Residence Permit for Children over 18 Years

For adult family members, regardless of age, there is always the opportunity to enter an educational institution in Slovenia — a college or a university. We will help you choose a study programme and an educational institution, pass through the admission procedure and receive a residence permit for education purposes.
Optional Package

Rates for
Specific Tasks

First Residence Permit for Business Purposes

You have already launched a company in Slovenia but didn’t need a residence permit before. And now it is the right time for a move. We will help you determine the best way to obtain a residence permit for business purposes and guide you through the procedure for obtaining a residence permit.
First Residence Permit for Employment Purposes

You have received an offer from a Slovenian employer, but you do not understand anything about the procedure and documents required for a residence permit. And the employing company has never hired foreigners before. To speed up the process, reduce your financial costs and save you a lot of trouble, we will help you draw up or check your employment agreement, agree on your candidacy with the Slovenian Employment Service, receive your first residence permit in Slovenia for employment purposes.
Company Registration (Without Residence Permit)

You need to register a company in Slovenia. Your business does not imply a momentary move for permanent residence, and you do not need a residence permit. We will help you register a legal entity and do everything necessary to launch your company. You can always return to applying for a residence permit later.
Blue Card

You have unique education and are super-experienced. That is what a Slovenian employer is highly interested in. You need to quickly resolve all organizational issues related to your employment in accordance with the Directive EU 2009/50.
We will help you nostrify your diploma, draw up or check an employment agreement, agree on your candidacy with the Slovenian Employment Service, and receive your first residence permit in Slovenia as a unique professional.
Family Reunion for a Blue Card Holder

You have the right to the early reunion if you are employed as a unique professional. Your spouse and minor children have the right to apply for a residence permit together with you.
€400 per person


Non-judicial translation€25 per page
Legal translationAccording to the translator’s rates
Registration of individual entrepreneur status€500
Legal address service€30 per month
Virtual office service€30 per month
Extension of residence permit€500
Preparation and submission of documents for a permanent residence permit (with preliminary verification of your compliance with the legal requirements)€500
Preparation of documents for extension of a residence permit if your purposes have been changed€500
Enrolment in a basic school + residence permit for a schoolchild€460
Finding a mentor for admission to a PhD study programme€700
Nostrification of a diploma (for example, for subsequent employment)
*Requires prior agreement on specialization!
Support at the government agencies including translation services (only in Ljubljana)€50 per hour
Obtaining a tax identification number of an individual or obtaining a duplicate in case of loss. Terms: 14 days (without visiting the tax authority)€50
Obtaining an identification number in Slovenia€50
Opening a PERSONAL bank account for those who already have a residence permit in Slovenia€100 (1 visit to the bank)
Assistance in opening a bank account for an already registered legal entity€100 (one bank)
Applying for child benefits in Slovenia€100 per child
Assistance in enrolling in kindergarten€200 per child
Registration in the Student Service€50
Assistance in obtaining a personal travel card in Ljubljana€50
Search for accommodation. This service is provided only by agreement with the 2TM head officeOne month rent of the selected object
Finding a room in a student dormitory€150
Registration for the entrance exam (is not included into the list of services provided by the Admission Package)€60

Immigration to the European Union
has many benefits:

  • Fast company registration,which takes on average of 5 working days
  • High quality of life
  • Safe countries with lowcrime rates
  • Free education and a decent future for your children
  • Developed social insurance system
  • Favorable climate
  • Easy adaptation
  • Developed and powerful economy

Period for obtaining a residence permit
and the period of its validity

A temporary residence permit must be renewed several times within first 5 years. After 5 years of living in the European Union, if you regularly paid taxes and did not break the law, you have the right to apply for Permanent Residence. With the status of permanent resident, you have the same rights as the citizens of the country, except for the opportunity to vote and purchase real estate as a Natural person. After another 5 years, you have the right to apply for citizenship.

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