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About the Programme
Slovenia participates in the European Blue Card EU programme for attracting foreign highly qualified specialists to Europe and issuing them privileged work and residence permits. The Blue Card has a number of advantages for both employees and their family members.
In Slovenia, the procedure for issuing the Blue Card has unique features:
The employment contract should be concluded for at least 1 year.
The employee’s salary should be at least 1.5 times the average pay index around the country.
Foreigners applying for the Blue Card in Slovenia have priority in obtaining a residence permit over other categories of foreigners.
Residence Permit under the Blue Card
Family members of the Blue Card holder in Slovenia are entitled to immediate family reunion.
The first residence permit for a Blue Card holder can be issued immediately for the duration of 2 years (subject to the appropriate contract duration and personal documents).
Specialists who receive a residence permit in Slovenia under the Blue Card programme have the right to apply for a residence permit and receive it while in Slovenia.
Who Has the Right for the Blue Card
The Blue Card pan-European foreigner recruitment programme aims to attract and retain highly qualified specialists, especially in those sectors of the economy that are currently experiencing a shortage of staff. In Slovenia, the IT sector is one of the most attractive professional areas to foreigners.
Requirements to candidates:
Completed higher education
Confirmed official work experience
Officially confirmed additional skills important to the employer
Stages of Cooperation with 2TM
Initial consultation and assessment of the applicant’s chances of obtaining the Blue Card We always perform a minimum assessment of your documents and your chances before concluding a contract, so that you effectively evaluate your situation.
Conclusion of a support contract and provision of instructions on cooperation steps To understand the deadlines for each step of the future cooperation, as well as the list of the documents to be prepared by our team and those to be provided by the client, we draw up a roadmap that helps you stay informed of the entire process.
Verification of compliance with employment conditions Before submitting documents for a residence permit, we are always in touch with your employer. We check/draw up an employment contract, submit a vacancy, check whether all criteria for employment are met, and receive the necessary documents in Slovenia.
Preparation of documents for obtaining a residence permit We provide complete instructions for submitting documents for a residence permit, prepare the necessary translations, check the completed package of documents, and discuss visa specifics.
Monitoring the case consideration in Slovenia The proceedings on issuing a residence permit always take place in Slovenia. We always keep you informed about the progress and promptly notify about the necessary additions, if any are requested by the administrative authorities during the decision-making step.
Obtaining a residence permit card and family reunion Family reunion is always an integral stage of moving to Slovenia. We will start preparing documents in advance for all members of your family so that you can be all together as soon as possible.
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What education should a Blue Card applicant have?
To request a privileged residence permit under the Blue Card programme, a foreign specialist must have a higher education. The diploma must be apostilled and recognized by the local Ministry of Education.
What is the advantage of the Blue Card programme in Slovenia over a regular employment?
First of all, this is the opportunity to immediately reunite the family. The second advantage is the possibility to have a high salary and get your first residence permit for 2 years at once with the subsequent first extension for 3 years.
What benefits can Blue Card holders receive in other EU countries?
The period of residence in any EU country under the Blue Card programme is taken into account for future permanent residence in the EU.
Is it possible to be refused a residence permit under the Blue Card programme?
As in any other case, in order to avoid refusal in issuing a residence permit, all conditions must be met, on the part of both the employer and the employee. For example, the employment contract must indicate the real salary within the minimum limit set specifically for the employee’s professional sector.
For what period do the Blue Card holder’s family members receive a residence permit?
The validity period of residence permit cards for family members will coincide with the validity period of the Blue Card holder’s residence permit.

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