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Residence permit in Slovenia

Since 2015, 2TM has been operating in the market of educational and immigration services and offers a wide range of professional support in the field of immigration to Slovenia. Immigration to Slovenia is the process of legal relocation to a country of the European Union for foreign citizens from third countries on various grounds. The most popular reasons are employment, study, business, and family reunification. The procedure that must be completed and the timing of the move will differ depending on the chosen path.  2TM specialists are ready to provide comprehensive support in obtaining a residence permit in Slovenia.

Benefits of moving to Slovenia


High quality of life


Availability of work in the EU


Developed economy




Excellent ecology and favorable climate


Quality education and a decent future for your children

Why choose 2TM

We are located in the capital of Slovenia in Ljubljana

We help to extend a residence permit, and apply for permanent residence

We help you through the employment process

We provide application to and enrollment in educational institutions – from kindergartens to universities

We provide the necessary additional services for business and personal needs

Help with family reunification

We assist with the registration of your business

We solve all issues personally and directly

What do we offer

Development of a strategy, drawing up an individual plan for obtaining a residence permit

We assist with the registration of a legal entity and the introduction of the startup capital during the registration of legal entities

We provide an up-to-date list of required documents for:

registration of a legal entity, enrollment in an educational institution, employment, family reunion

We check the applicant’s compliance with the requirements for obtaining a residence permit, and permanent residence

We receive and prepare the necessary documents in Slovenia

We conduct all necessary communication with administrative authorities

We provide translation services

We open bank accounts for residents

We conduct extensive consultations

We help to write a resume

Stages of obtaining a residence permit

Defining the basics – the purpose of the move, the conclusion of the contract

Operational stage:

fulfillment of the requirements for obtaining a residence permit

Submission of documents for a residence permit

Processing of the case and obtaining a residence permit card


I am a citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and I want to move to Slovenia and start my own company. What procedure is required?

In Slovenia, you have the opportunity to start your own company in the form of a limited liability company (društvo sa ograničenom odgovornošću). When registering, you will need to deposit an authorized capital of 7,500 euros and select the types of activities that your company will be engaged in. Within a week, your company has the right to start work

How to get a job in Slovenia?

  • Write a resume in Slovenian or English.
  • Pass an interview (in person or online).
  • Get a work contract.
  • Depending on your professional field, your candidature might have to be approved by the Slovenian Employment Service.
  • Request a single work and residence permit in Slovenia.

Where to look for a job in Slovenia?

There are websites that publish vacancies in Slovenia. We are ready to provide you with them or help you write a resume in Slovenian.

I am interested in the procedure for obtaining a residence permit in Slovenia

First you need to decide on the basis for obtaining a residence permit. It could be work, education, your own business, or a family reunion. Based on your grounds, both the procedure and the terms and list of documents required to obtain a residence permit will depend. We are ready to assist you in the procedure of obtaining a residence permit for any of the reasons stated above.

We would like to relocate the whole family to Slovenia to live and work. How do we go about it?

In Slovenia, there are opportunities to move the whole family at once by being issued a Blue Card. In this case, you receive a residence permit as a highly qualified specialist, and your family – spouse and children – have the right to immediate reunification. In the event that you receive a work contract through the standard procedure, each of your family members must have their own reason for moving. For example, school-age children (from the age of 6) have the right to obtain their residence permit on the basis of education. Children under 6 years of age undergo the procedure of early family reunification if both parents already have a residence permit in Slovenia.

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