Residence Permit in Slovenia

For Long-Term Lease Purposes

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About the Programme
Citizens of the EU member countries, as well as the countries that make part of the OECD (the Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development) have the opportunity to obtain a residence permit in Slovenia for the purpose of housing, including a long-term lease. This programme can be suitable for people with passive income or savings, as well as, for example, pensioners.
Such countries, in addition to the EU countries, include Israel, Türkiye, the USA, Japan, Costa Rica, Canada, New Zealand, Great Britain and others.
Conditions for the registration of a residence permit for housing purposes:
Personal housing or a long-term lease agreement in Slovenia given a sufficient habitable area and considering all family members;
The availability of funds for living at the rate of 5,850 euros per year for each family member;
Medical insurance. During the document consideration period, it is possible to obtain a private insurance for those who travel abroad. Upon arrival in Slovenia, it will be necessary to issue local medical insurance.
The decision on the issuance of a residence permit is made by the referent that considers your case. You can be requested any additional documents that confirm your residence goals in Slovenia, at the authority’s discretion.
Important to Know
Such a residence permit is issued without the right to work. That is, you can constantly live in Slovenia, but not work. If, after moving, you find an employer in Slovenia or decide to register as an individual entrepreneur, you will need to change the residence permit ground and a residence permit card itself and only then start working. You can do this without leaving the country.
The first residence permit is issued for one year. Next, at maintaining the residence permit grounds, it can be extended for up to five years. When changing the grounds (for example, to work purposes), a residence permit is issued again for one year.
Stages of Cooperation with 2TM
Primary consultation

At the consultation stage, we will identify whether this immigration programme is available to you, and whether all family members can move simultaneously with you and under the same programme.

Conclusion of the contract

Having determined the action plan for all family members, we will compose the cooperation stages and the rights and obligations of each party, as well as let you know the duration guidelines.

Compliance with the conditions for requesting a residence permit

A search of housing, both for purchase and renting, takes time. We will be able to recommend a realtor or check the housing you have chosen and its documents, find out whether it meets the necessary requirements and when it is possible to prepare other documents to apply for a residence permit.

Preparation of documents for issuance of a residence permit

We will provide a list of documents that are required from a foreigner and his or her family members to request a residence permit. We will prepare the documents that should be issued in Slovenia, check and transfer documents from the applicant’s country of citizenship to complete a full package of documents for submission.

Submission of documents for a residence permit and control of the legal procedure

The possibility of issuing a Slovenian residence permit is always considered in Slovenia, regardless of the country of document submission. We become your representative for local administrative bodies throughout the entire period of your case consideration.

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For what period should I have a long-term lease agreement?
A long-term lease agreement should be signed for a period of at least two years. However, the longer the period is, the higher are the chances for approval of a residence permit because this will show your great interest to connect your centre of life interests with Slovenia.
What is the difference between a residence permit for long-term lease purposes and the other ones?
The residence permit for long-term lease purposes does not complicate your move process. You need to comply with less conditions for the request of a residence permit. At the same time, this type of residence permit limits a foreigner in some rights, for example, to have free state insurance. In general, this is the same residence permit as any other one. Its term for the subsequent permanent residence and citizenship is considered in the same manner as that of a work residence permit.
Can I bring my family to Slovenia under such a residence permit?
Yes, you can. A foreigner with a housing residence permit has the same rights to reunite his or her family as foreigners with other types of residence permit.
If I have visa-free conditions to enter Slovenia, can I submit documents for a residence permit directly in Slovenia?
Many foreigners, whose citizenship falls under the conditions for the request of a residence permit in Slovenia under this programme, have the right to visa-free entry into Slovenia. However, their first residence permit should be requested in the country of citizenship (or temporary residence given the availability of an official status there), as well as the procedure of fingerprinting and receiving the first residence permit card.

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