Work in Slovenia for foreigners is available mainly in the field of production, construction and information technology. Physicians and long-distance drivers are also required. It is rather difficult for foreign applicants from the CIS countries to find a vacancy in the Slovenian labour market due to competition with local residents, citizens of the European Union and the Common Economic Space, who have the primary right to employment.

According to official data from the Slovenian Statistical Office, the average wage in Slovenia is 1,806.50 EUR per month in 2020. After all the required deductions, 1,172.56 EUR remain at the disposal of local employees. The highest income can be received within the fields of electricity, gas, steam supply and air conditioning – 2,906 EUR per month. In the public sector of the Slovenian economy, workers earn 2,096.96 EUR per month (1,351.52 EUR net), and in the private sector – 1,673.40 EUR (1,090.55 EUR net).

Minimum National Living Wage in Slovenia

Slovenia ranks ninth among 22 EU member states that have a statutory minimum national living wage.

From 1 January 2020, the official minimum national living wage in Slovenia is 940.58 EUR per month. The new rate is subject to amendments to the Law on Minimum Wages.

Higher minimum wages mean higher living standards. This increases consumption and contributes to economic growth in the country. Therefore, registering a company in Slovenia will be a good start to your business in Europe. Citizens of countries outside the EU can register a company with an authorised share capital of 7,500 EUR and obtain a unified permit for residence and work for the purpose of employment in their own companies.


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