Spanish scientists assessed the state of the population in European countries on a special index of happiness. Research scientists from the University of Valencia, Spain, developed the index of happiness. Later, it was called “HAIN”. The project was born thanks to a study using official data from the UN, the World Data Bank and the Eurostat Service.

This system of assessing the level of happiness is based not on traditional social surveys, but on official statistics, which includes indicators of the country’s development, freedom, solidarity and justice.

During the experiment with the index of happiness, scientists assessed 13 European countries, the necessary statistical data of which they were able to obtain, according to a 100-point scale. The ranking included the following countries: Austria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, France, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

The entire ranking of countries assessed according to the index of happiness is as follows:

  1. Iceland (76 points)
  2. Sweden (76 points)
  3. Austria (74 points)
  4. United Kingdom (69 points)
  5. France (66 points)
  6. Spain (63 points)
  7. Czech Republic (63 points)
  8. Cyprus (62 points)
  9. Slovenia (61 points)
  10. Croatia (60 points)
  11. Lithuania (58 points)
  12. Latvia (51 points)
  13. Portugal (50 points)

Experts hope that such an analysis and appropriate ranking will help states with strategies to increase the level of happiness among the population.

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