Foreigners move to Slovenia in search of security, economic prospects, stability, comfortable climate, and natural beauty. Moving to a new country is an important step. Therefore, the majority of people want to take this step together with their families. In this article, you will learn how to obtain a residence permit for all family members in Slovenia.

1. Family reunion: a residence permit holder can reunite with his/her family after two years of legal residence in Slovenia.

 A foreigner residing in Slovenia for employment, business, or study purposes has the right to reunite with his/her family after two years of legal residence in Slovenia. At the same time, such a foreigner needs to extend the residence permit and prove that he or she has enough funds to support all family members, including himself/herself. The spouse of such a foreigner and the children under his/her care have the right to the family reunion.

2. Obtaining a residence permit for family members for study purposes

 Since the majority of families do not want to wait two years and have limited family visits, their family members can choose their own purpose for moving. The following options are possible:

  1. Obtaining a residence permit by a family member based on his/her admission to an educational institution. A college, for example, or a Master’s degree programme may be suitable. Such study programmes last exactly two years.
  2. If a foreigner’s child is over 6 years old (or he/she turns 6 years old in the current calendar year), then a residence permit can be obtained for the purpose of schooling. This means that such a child must be enrolled in a school in Slovenia and afterward stay in the country together with one of his/her parents. To obtain a residence permit for study purposes, even if this is the first residence permit, you can submit documents while already staying in Slovenia.
  3. Obtaining a long-term D-type visa by a family member for the purpose of attending language courses or other accredited courses.

3. Reunion of the blue card holder’s family

The holder of an EU blue card (modra karta) does not need to wait for two years to reunite with his or her family. Such a foreigner has a privileged position and can apply for a family reunion immediately after receiving his/her residence permit and registering at the place of residence in Slovenia.

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